Monday, January 18, 2010

cover sketchin

Here's the beginnings of the new cover; I'm really shooting for a more action-packed vibe. I'm going to work on the background elements next—total extreme three-point perspective, should look really torqued. I'll be integrating Cornelius and Billy in the background and I'm working on a new hand-crafted type solution for the title. Mel Smith, Einser award-winning artist for Gumby, suggested I just go with "Peck" for the name instead of "The Peck." I think I'm beginning to agree with him, make it even simpler.

old cover

Here is the old cover of The Peck's first printing. I'm currently changing it as a few people mistook it for Rayman. Ack. I actually do like the cover quite a bit, but I'm biased and my eyes have been on it too long. I'm replacing it with a more dynamic image, one that will hopefully attract viewers' eyes more—full color, cool action pose, etc. Someday I think this old cover will make a nice commemorate poster.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

heading to sf in april

Okay, I'm making good on my New Year's Resolution and bringing this comic blog to life. Updates will be beginning soon. FYI, The Peck will be appearing at WonderCon 2010. I'm redoing my issue #1 cover and touching up a few things, as well as doing a few pin up posters for the expo. My hope is to also have 1–2 t-shirts to fold into the mix. Look out for me in Artist Alley in April. Maybe I'll get lucky and get placed right next to Sergio Aragones or Mike Mignola.