Sunday, April 3, 2011

wondercon 2011 pics

Dave Metran, the proud new owner of a comic book.

Nicole Sixx of Comic Booked liked Peck #1. She also sports a Solo postcard from Mark Machmann.

Made some new friends like artist Ian Walker, his wife, Wrennie and son, Jaylon.

Laura O'brien of Double Fine game co was my booth neighbor. Thanks for the girl scout cookies, Laura!

Rebecca Spencer fills in at the booth whilst I wander about Artist Alley. Thanks for all your help, Rebecca!

Mark Machmann ready to take on the Saturday madness at WC. Great event, Mark!


Anonymous said...

Great meeting you guys! Keep up the good work. - N

Mario Estioko said...

Thanks for the support, Nicole. It was great meeting you and Matt as well. Please let me know you guys have you comic out!

Mario Estioko said...

Last comment translated into English: "Please let me know when you guys have your comic out." ;D