Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Just a heads up that the Peck site will be changing soon. I've purchased a new domain called peckcomics.com, BUT will let y'all know when it's up and running. I will be switching over to Wordpress (with Comicpress running over it) to make it more convenient for updating the comic on my side as well as viewing it from the audience's side.

Also on the horizon: I will be resurrecting my past cartoon panel, Incompatibles. At one point this feature was self-syndicated to 12 college newspapers. Grad work and career gave it an early retirement back in the mid '90s, but now with the schedule cleared out, I can go back to telling jokes in a format I've really missed. Stay tuned.

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NULL ENTRY said...

Hey Mario - my name is Eben Burgoon. Produce and write the local Sacramento webcomic, Eben07 - if you're looking for any help setting up ComicPress or just want to talk comics, feel free to chat me up.


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